210 West Plaza Street
P.O. Box 623
Solana Beach, Ca 92075
P: (858) 755-4775
F: (858) 755-4889
  • AboveBoard Hub

    439 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (619) 866-2433

    The AboveBoard Co. began in San Diego, California as an idea for a clothing brand to be a globally recognized voice for interconnectedness, a force that connects us all.

    The AboveBoard name is synonymous with honest, open and legitimate. Our “Ensō” (circle) logo is a modern representation of a practice that frees the mind from the body to inspire creativity. The open Ensō expresses the appreciation of imperfect beauty and celebration of universal harmony.

    Our spirit to create awareness and propel sustainable options to the mainstream puts our mission to cultivate a mindful & sustainable world into motion. We are proud to incorporate mindful & sustainable elements with everything we do.

    We design minimalist cruelty-free products with premium organic and recycled materials. We partner with ethical manufacturers that produce superior craftsmanship. Our clothing is made with top-quality environmentally low impact dyes and water based screen printing. We ship with eco-friendly packaging. And we donate to organizations that embody our core values.

    Our vision is that every soul will have the opportunity to engage life (and consumption) with both a conscious mind and compassionate heart without sacrificing natural desires.

    Joe and Lorena Avitea
    The AboveBoard Team, Pursue The Open

  • Studio Carre Photographie

    Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (619) 670-6183

    Studio Carré Photographie has over 10 years of collective experience photographing weddings with their work being described as fresh, modern, spontaneous, and distinctive. Their influence is drawn from many elements of style helping to produce constantly evolving fashion forward and artistic images. Conveniently located in the Solana Beach arts district, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to hear how we can document your special day or event in photographs.

  • Between The Sheets Inc.

    2650 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA, USA
    (858) 847-3300

    Between The Sheets manufactures and sells the worlds finest bedding, linens, towels and home furnishings. Our California based buyers regularly travel to Europe to our manufacturing facilities in Italy where most of our bedding is crafted. Rigorous testing of our textiles, and our exclusive manufacturing processes, guarantee that only the most luxurious and highest quality bedding, linens and towels will be sold at Between The Sheets.

    Luxury has never looked (or felt) so good!

    We travel the world to bring you truly unique stylish and quality home furnishings. Our elegant selection presents various styles to suit every décor. From the most exclusive home designer, to the casual gift buyer, Between The Sheets is the place to find original and distinct furnishings of unparalleled quality.

    You may also experience our hand-picked selection of luxurious quality linens and home furnishings up close and personally at any of our five beautiful retail locations in Southern California.

  • Meld Boutique

    435 South Cedros Avenue, #104 Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (858) 625-1150

    Our mission is to meld the different facets of the fashion industry through authentic style, community engagement and sustainable upcycling.

    We don’t think you should have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks. That’s why we carefully select on-point pieces to resell at a reasonable price. Designer labels, exquisite fabrics and beautifully tailored items. From timeless wardrobe stables to trendy seasonal must-haves, you are sure to find the right piece for any occasion at MeLD.

    We aim to support and promote on-the-rise fashion designers and artisans who get us excited by giving you access to their unique products and stories. We hope to offer something special and rare to others like us: People who want to know the story behind everything, people who are the first to hear about the next big thing, people who shop as much for the experience as they do for the product.

    We advocate the environmental, social and personal benefits of Upcycling! The environmental benefits of upcycling are enormous. Aside from minimizing the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfills each year, it also reduces the need for new production. However, the biggest benefit for the end consumer, aside from knowing that they have contributed positively to our planet AND save money, is that they walk away with unique, exclusive and even one-of-a-kind designer pieces.

  • Christine Finkelson Fine Art Photography

    439 South Cedros Avenue, #401 Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (646) 286-3569

    Christine Finkelson Fine Art Photography is a working artist studio and boutique gallery which opened in 2018. The gallery features Christine’s diverse contemporary fine art photography which is printed by the artist on site. Throughout the year the gallery will also feature guest artists. She is inspired by her international travels, all traditions of art – film, literature, sculpture, painting and of course from all the amazing photographers from the past to the present. Christine is in private and corporate collections. In 2017 the Andaz Hotel, in downtown San Diego, licensed two of her photographs to create a large mural in their primary event space. She served on the boards of the San Diego Museum of Art Artist’s Guild and the Del Mar Art Center as both an artist and board director.
    Christine is originally from New York City where she studied at the International Center for Photography, the premier school and photography museum in Manhattan. She moved to San Diego from New York City in 2012.

  • Journey Ahead

    Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (619) 417-9242

    Journey Ahead is an independent college admissions advisory service helping families and their high school students determine their best-fit college, complete their applications, sharpen their admissions essays, and apply for financial aid. We help students understand their academic, career, social and financial needs and recommend colleges that will fit them best. We are headquartered in Solana Beach and have experience with private colleges and universities inside and outside California.

  • Homestead Solana Beach | Neighborhood Cafe + Market

    346 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (858) 209-0149

    Come enjoy Solana Beach's newest neighborhood restaurant! Right in the heart of the Cedros Design District. - Humble Comfort Food. Farm to Table Attitude. New Hours! Weds.-Sunday 8am-3pm

  • Cats By The Coast

    1100 Garden View Rd, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA
    (714) 745-0195

    I am an east coast native, born and raised in Connecticut where I resided for 30 years before taking a vacation to southern California, falling in love with the weather and making the move. I was raised on a large farm and have had animals my whole life; pet sitting for neighbors and friends since I was 12 years old. Cats have been my passion and true love since I was a young child. I have never been without a kitten, cat or cats my entire life. I am fascinated by their intelligence, attitude, beauty & unconditional love. I left my 25 year career in the dental field 4 years ago to pursue and focus on what brings me the most joy and fulfillment!!

    My past career experience was focused on providing a “NORDSTROM” service to clients. This I have mastered and pride myself in carrying this expertise over to Cats By The Coast; as you and your kitty(s) deserve the utmost peace of mind and care while away.

    So rather than be stressed over the options to care for your kitty whether having to choose a friend, relative, neighbor or boarding; kitty can now rest easy in the comfort of home with a new friend!! I look forward to meeting you and your precious kitty(s); and in welcoming you to Cats By The Coast .. THE BEST CAT CARE EXPERIENCE!
    I created Cats by the Coast as a small business to specialize in the in-home service of cat care. I believe that your cat(s) emotional well-being is closely tied to their physical health.

    In addition, you leaving for a period of time can cause stress, boredom and loneliness. By listening to your cat(s) needs and “tuning in” to their emotional state while under my care, combined with affection, play & exercise I am able to give them what they need to feel satisfied and comfortable while you are away.

    What sets me apart from other pet sitting services is that you have the comfort of building a relationship with me; a sitter who owns and solely runs the company rather than a hired hand.

    In my own way I take care of you as well, particularly tending to your home and updating you daily in real time of my visits detailing the shenanigans and noteworthy events that transpire each day with unlimited fun pictures of your fur baby(s) !! This connection is key to alleviate any separation anxiety on your part.

    All of this means you will return to a very happy cat(s) in addition to a well cared for home !! Your cat(s) will be anxious to share their fun stories of play while you were away !

    I am confident you will enjoy the unique VIP Pet Sitting Service of
    Cats by the Coast !!

  • The Bar Method Solana Beach

    622 San Rodolfo Drive, Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (858) 847-3312

    The Bar Method Solana Beach is a boutique fitness studio offering barre classes for students of all levels. The signature method uses your own body weight, the ballet barre and a few props to create a transformative workout that results in long, lean sculpted muscles. Not only does it reshape your entire body, but it allows you to channel your inner strength and leave class feeling strong, confident and poised. Highly-trained instructors customize the exercises to ensure they are safe and effective for any age and every body, including modifications for pregnant women and students with injuries. Our staff and community are here to support you from the moment you walk through the door.

    The Bar Method Solana Beach is located in the Solana Beach Towne Center west of I-5 off Lomas Santa Fe. We are located behind Dixieline Lumber and next door to the Dixieline Design Center with ample parking right in front of our building.

  • Integrity Mortgage Group

    9683 Tierra Grande Street, San Diego, CA, USA
    (619) 275-1177

    Lee Ann Stein shares with borrowers her 20 years of exceptional mortgage industry experience. Working in California, with a focus on San Diego, Lee Ann helps all home buyers become homeowners through wide loan product knowledge and attentive, customer-service commitment. She sees prompt responses and regular, ongoing communication as the keys to doing her best – and what’s right for her clients.