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  • About Town Magazine

    4330 Niagara Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107, USA
    (619) 546-7003

    Our complimentary lifestyle magazines offer high-quality features, content and photography. We bring you the latest on shopping, entertainment, dining, fashion, travel, community and more. There's something in it for you!

    Visit us at www.abouttownmagazines.com to learn more about our content and view a complete list of upcoming events!

  • Choose Well Coaching

    538 Via De La Valle, Suite #G Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (858) 692-3262

    Meet Ingrid Saenger

    Founder of Choose Well Coaching

    Ingrid was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and came to the states over 30 years ago where she discovered this amazing thing called "fast food". The idea that you could eat, drink, and be merry, all without leaving your car was a foreign concept, but she loved it. It wasn't until she reached her top weight at 203 pounds that she realized the convenience of drive-thru's, were not convenient for her health. At age 30 she hired a trainer and began a journey that lead to a 70 pound weight loss, and a passion for helping people achieve the highest version of themselves. Ingrid prides herself on helping people transform their lives by holding them accountable and being there for them every step of the way.

  • Solana Trade Center

    143 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (760) 943-9282

    The Cedros Experience is Like No Other
    Set your sights on Cedros, the heart and soul of Solana Beach. This unique experience is well within your reach, whether you are a coastal local or adventurous visitor. San Diegans should show themselves around this special spot often and take advantage of its in-town treasures. A scenic ride via train to the Solana Beach station will have you there in no time to experience the culture of the Cedros community.

    Stroll Cedros to find something special at one of the district’s distinctive retailers that are sure to speak to your style—eclectic, ultra-modern or antique. The iconic avenue offers everything from endless entertainment options, specialty shops and epicurean eateries to indulgent salons, day spas and yoga or Pilates studios. Cedros even has hot spots that suit what you like to sip…whether it’s espresso, sauvignon blanc or micro-brewed suds.

    Belly Up circa 1976
    Did you know…
    In the early 1900s, there were almost no people in Solana Beach—just farms that grew grains and lima beans
    The land to develop Solana Beach was purchased for only a little over $40,000 in 1922
    Bing Crosby once lived in a restored adobe off of today’s Via de la Valle
    “Solana” is of Spanish and Latin origin and loosely translated means “sunny spot”
    Solana Beach Farmer’s Market on Cedros Avenue, open every Sunday!
    North County San Diego’s Premier Certified Farmer’s Market.
    Food Court opens at noon & Market from 1:00 – 5:00 pm

  • StretchLab

    437 Highway 101, Suite 108 Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (858) 793-3539

    StretchLab. The most remarkably simple thing you can do to feel better.

    When you think of stretching, you think of loosening up after a workout, making sure your muscles don’t stay tight. But if you ask anyone who’s ever come into StretchLab, they will tell you that stretching is about so much more than simply feeling better, or having a wider range of motion. Stretching is about reclaiming your freedom. The freedom to move as you want, to be active and engaged in the life you see yourself having, with no pain and no risk of injury.

    All of this happens in an open, friendly and communal space, a space filled with energy, with passion and with trust. You can ask anyone who has come into StretchLab and you’ll get the same simple answer: If you come into StretchLab on a regular basis, you will feel better. It’s that simple.

    Connect with us on social media
    Instagram @stretchlabsolanabeach
    Facebook: @stretchlabsolanabeach

  • Carly Blalock Interiors

    24 East Cliff Street, Suite C-1 Solana Beach, CA, USA
    (858) 459-4333

    Carly Blalock Interiors is built around a diverse design team, whose individual facets provide a plethora of creative ideas – and value – to every client’s project. At CBI, we strive to interpret the vision of a client – and then bring it to life. Function is always the platform we begin with, coupled with a timeless design that comes alive – and stands on it's own.

    We don't follow rules – we create spaces that reflect you and your experiences to create an environment you want to inhabit and share. Our passion for the worlds of building materials and furnishings provides us an endless source of inspiration – allowing us to continually execute fresh designs for our clients… something that we take a great deal of pride in!

    We look forward to the opportunity to bring your beautiful project into the form and experience you always knew existed!

  • Satsang House

    4523 Sun Valley Road, Del Mar, CA, USA
    (858) 248-0488

    Satsang House is set on a sprawling acre tucked in the rural part of Solana Beach, California in North County San Diego. This cozy and inviting home sits amongst a beautifully landscaped sea of flowers and an orchard filled with apples, apricots, avocados, macadamia nuts, oranges, peaches, nectarines and plums. Feel free to take a walk along the handmade reflexology path which sits among the zen garden.

    You'll restore your sense of peace the moment you set foot on the property.

    I invite you to join our beautiful community at Satsang House and make it your community. Start with an Introduction to Meditation, gather with us for a retreat, coaching workshop, Community Meditation or event or for Mindful Mondays. Feel free to bring a friend and make it your new habit.

    I look forward to meeting you. Namaste


    Join us at Satsang House and make it your community.

  • NAI San Diego Commercial Real Estate

    123 Camino De La Reina, Suite 200 San Diego, CA, USA
    (619) 497-2255

    When looking for a property, NAI San Diego has a vast array of property listings currently on the market. Whether you're searching for a Retail Site, Distribution Center, Warehouse, Office, Development Site or a highly specialized property in a specific location, NAI San Diego can help you find it.

    Commercial Real Estate - the sale and leasing of office, retail and industrial properties. The Savitt and Smithson team specializes in Solana Beach properties, representing Landlords, Buyers and Tenants in this beautiful seaside community and throughout the North County Coastal area. Property management is also available.

    We are proud to represent many of Solana Beach's finest properties such as:
    444 S. Cedros
    415 S. Cedros
    153 N. Highway 101
    210 Lomas Santa Fe

    We have worked with Solana Beach tenants in a wide variety of fields such as: health and wellness, office, technology, design, retail, real estate, biotech, food, fitness, corporate headquarters, finance, software and much more.

    Whether your need are big or small, whether you own a property or are looking to buy or lease, you are assured to receive professional, knowledgeable and personable service fro the team that lives and work in the area. The Savitt and Smithson team has the experience, track record, contacts and local market insights to get the results you want. Please give us a call to discuss the market and how we can help you achieve your goals!

    Geri Savitt
    direct: 619-241-2354
    Cell: 858-243-5339

    Jason Smithson
    direct: 619-241-2394
    cell: 858-243-5339

  • Music Box San Diego

    1337 India St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
    (619) 795-1337

    San Diego's Premier Live Music, Event, and Entertainment Venue is a 'must visit' in Southern California. Two blocks from San Diego's Santa Fe Depot and Little Italy, Music Box is a 705 person concert venue and event space worth every minute of your time to visit.

  • Markstein Beverage Co

    505 S Pacific St, San Marcos, CA 92078, USA
    (760) 744-9004

    Markstein Beverage Co. has a longstanding history in the business of beer. Since Albert Markstein delivered his first case of Golden Glow Beer in his horse-drawn wagon nearly a century ago, we have been dedicated to our customers, our community and our craft. We take pride in the product we deliver – and how we deliver it. Our customers aren’t “accounts,” they’re our neighbors, friends and partners – and they’re part of the Markstein family. That’s why we do more than deliver the world’s best beers – we develop personal relationships with our customers, and work tirelessly to ensure their success.

  • The Marketing Boutique

    Your Grandma has a Facebook page, your business should be no exception. Let T.M.B SocialLight team create an amazing social media strategy, manage native content that will engage your potential clients and customers across all social platforms. We happily respond to comments or posts and send you a monthly engagement report each month.

    It's time to get social with your future clients and bring your business into the spotlight!